Enterprise Customers

Many of our customers are established corporate environments that may or may not have their own technology staff.

Shring routinely provides ancillary services for corporate customers including evaluating/ augmenting existing infrastructures.

Data Security Management

Understanding Your Data and How to Protect It From the over 900,000 hackers constantly looking for unauthorized access or the threat of an internal security theft … the data you store is an invaluable asset. The loss of this data, or even worse, the exposure to your customer’s personal data, requires you to provide the [...]

Unified Threat Management

There are many potential threats to you personally, your organization, and its mission-critical data. It’s become easy to be numb to the constant barrage of threats focused on us and our businesses. We can help!

Compliance & Technology Governance

Oh NO … not the “C word”! It's really not that bad! However, you need to know how it affects your business Unfortunately, that’s the perception of Data Compliance and with everything you read about identity theft and data breaches ... it is not something you can ignore. Truth be known, most business leaders are [...]

Business Continuity

Are you prepared for the “Worst-Case” scenario? Business Continuity and Data Security are very important for many organizations, but they can become critical, especially in the “worst-case scenario”!

On-Demand IT Support

Looking for help with a particular problem or project? Need to augment your existing team? We’ve got you covered! Need some help to augment your existing staff? We routinely work with customers on project-based implementations.

Technology Staff Augmentation

Need to augment staff for a specific length of time. Have a project requiring specific “best-practices” expertise during implementation? We have the people who are specialized in specific technologies that can help you rtesolve a business problem or project.