ShringVoice Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously I can keep my existing telephone numbers, yes?

Yes .. of course. There is a process we carriers go thru called “porting” which is the transfer of your existing numbers to Shring. There are very rare occasions where you can’t port your numbers and there are options to deal with it. But again .. we rarely have issues.

How does ShringVoice work?

Like every other technology, voice and telephony have moved to the digital world. Your telephony can now both either a physical handset on your desk or even an voice app on your mobile device or tablet … or even all 3! The only requirement is a SIP compatible handset (if applicable) and internet service. No copper lines, onsite visits or waiting on a technician.

How does Long Distance work?

With the advantage of new telephony technology, long distance is almost irrelevant.  With the exception of international calls, Shring does not charge a per call fee at all. Your monthly plan fee includes UNLIMITED calls per extension.

Do you support my existing SIP hardware?

If you have existing SIP handsets, we would be happy to work with you on configuring them. We have config guides for most of the common handsets used today. If you do not have SIP-compatible handsets, we offer high-quality, low-cost Grandstream hardware. Grandstream is becoming the premier SIP hardware for small and medium businesses. Really great products that are reasonably priced.

What about 911 Emergency Service?

This is a important factor in telephony technology. Most assume that Emergency Services can find you by your telephone number and this isn’t always the case. There are very clear standards for reporting whats called “e911” services. This assures that, should a call to emergency services be placed from one of your business locations. the proper location service information is provided. This is especially important if you have multiple locations. As part of your setup, you will be asked several questions that will help us ensure the proper e911 setup for your business.

Your "Follow Me" feature is intriguing as I am always on the move. Tell me more!

Ah yes … Follow me … just an outstanding feature for those of us on the go. Here’s the deal. When Follow Me is turned on, your inbound calls will ring you mobile, home, hotel, etc .. and if you do not answer, the call is brought back into your ShringVoice voicemail. The caller never knew the other line(s) rang. This is NOT forwarding.  If a call is forwarding AND you do not answer, the caller will get the voicemail of your mobile or home, hotel. This great feature ensures consistent caller experience but allowing you to be anywhere on any device in the world .. and take the call. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more info or assistance in setting up the Follow-Me feature. It’s a great feature.

Should I be concerned about security If my calls are in the cloud, can "others" listen in?

Based on the information that has come to light in recent years, it is foolish to believe there couldn’t be “entities” with that capability. However your ShringVoice call info is encrypted with end-to-end encryption preventing this from happening. And honestly … it’s easier for those entities to access your current voice calls than it would be with ShringVoice. Privacy is our priority!

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Still have questions? Please reach out to us! Our telephony experts can answer or address any questions you may have or help you learn the advantages of having more than “just another phone system”.