Small Business IT Support

Shring Technologies offers IT Support and Managed Services adaptive to your business practice. As a small business, your focus is on growing your business. We offer you solutions that will scale to your business giving your the ability to grow your business without capital investment in tech you may or may not use.

We will ensure your tech is Reliable. Resilient & Secure allowing you to focus on the operations and growth of your business.

Solutions for Small Business

IT Support Services

Experience our version of Proactive Customer Service! Give your organization the technology foundation to scale your business. Shring can simplify your life with single-point-of-accountability support, rapid-response coverage around the clock.

Unified Threat Management

There are many potential threats to you personally, your organization, and its mission-critical data. It’s become easy to be numb to the constant barrage of threats focused on us and our businesses. We can help!

Business Continuity

Are you prepared for the “Worst-Case” scenario? Business Continuity and Data Security are very important for many organizations, but they can become critical, especially in the “worst-case scenario”!

Orion Secure Data Backup

OrionSecureData Secure Data Backup ensures that not only is your critical data encrypted and only you have access to it. Our compression algorithms allow for a secure cloud-based archive.A different, secure and scalable Business Continuity solution.

Disaster Prevention

Protecting Your Business from the Unexpected You don’t usually hear about the local businesses that go under because of hurricanes and earthquakes, but it’s not uncommon for small companies to fail after such catastrophes. Don’t let this happen to you!

Business Voice

Offering you scalable, cost-effective telephony solutions which integrate with any platform giving you full feature/functionality anywhere. The days of traditional, hard-wired business telephone systems are no more. Your business needs to be flexible and accessible to your customers from anywhere.