We pick up where your franchisor stops!

For more than ten years, Shring has provided technology services to franchisees. This has given us the experience and understanding of the franchise industry’s unique processes, platforms, data, and technology requirements and we have a business group focused on franchisees.

Are you in pain with the systems provided to you by the franchisor? Do you have multiple locations and need help managing the issues your franchisor doesn’t provide or provides poorly? Have you vetted your cloud vendors? Have you addressed productivity and workflow with your office procedures and practices? Do you keep local copies of critical data should you lose access to the vendor for whatever reason? Who’s providing business continuity and disaster recovery for your franchise(s)? Do you need assistance to understand how to leverage technology for your business, in the near- and long-term

For over ten years, Shring has been providing a wide range of services to franchisees and we understand the needs of franchise companies. We can analyze your business and its problems and opportunities from multiple perspectives: franchisee owner, franchisor and franchisee technology, prospective and paying customers of franchisee organizations, franchisee employees, and contractors.

Shring offers unique support models for the franchise business model. We can make things more simple for your firm with single-point-of-accountability, proactive support, rapid-response coverage around the clock, and flexible service plans to suit your firm’s needs.

Franchises We
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Solutions for Franchisees

Business Continuity

Are you prepared for the “Worst-Case” scenario? Business Continuity and Data Security are very important for many organizations, but they can become critical, especially in the “worst-case scenario”!

IT Support Services

Experience our version of Proactive Customer Service! Give your organization the technology foundation to scale your business. Shring can simplify your life with single-point-of-accountability support, rapid-response coverage around the clock.

Business Telephony

Offering you scalable, cost-effective telephony solutions which integrate with any platform giving you full feature/functionality anywhere. The days of traditional, hard-wired business telephone systems are no more. Your business needs to be flexible and accessible to your customers from anywhere.

Unified Threat Management

There are many potential threats to you personally, your organization, and its mission-critical data. It’s become easy to be numb to the constant barrage of threats focused on us and our businesses. We can help!

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