Technology Services designed specifically for Attorneys and Legal Services

Shring has more than 10 years of expertise and is aware of the specific protocols, platforms, data, and technology requirements of the legal industry thanks to a business unit devoted to lawyers and law firms. To lawyers and law firms that have moved some or all of their operations to the cloud, we have provided professional services as well as strategic and tactical guidance. One of the most important services offered by Shring is data forensics, along with eDiscovery and protection of legal and other data. We have a lot of expertise in assessing and integrating practice management, legal billing, information services, time tracking, case management, and document management software from companies like LexisNexis, Sage, Tabs3, Abacus, Thomson Reuters, and TimeSheets.

Have you screened the cloud vendors you use? With regard to office procedures and practices, do you measure productivity and workflow? Do you maintain local and remote backups of important data in case you lose access to the vendor for any reason? Are catastrophe recovery and business continuity important to your legal practice? Do you require guidance in order to comprehend how to use technology both now and in the future for your company?

Practice Management Tools
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We understand that local and state legislation, as well as your clientele, dictate the timelines and urgency of your clients’ requests. We are aware from our interactions with legal clients that the technological underpinnings of your legal profession frequently have a significant influence on the lives of your clients. For more than 10 years, we have been providing a comprehensive range of services to meet the unique needs of legal-related businesses.

Solutions for Attorneys and Law Firms

IT Support for Law Firms

Unique Technology Support Solutions for Attorneys and Law Firms   Shring can simplify your firm’s operations with single-point-of-accountability, practice management expertise, rapid-response coverage around the clock, flexible solutions to suit your firm’s needs.

Data Forensics / e-Discovery

Looking for experienced technical expertise for your case investigation? Need specific technology subject-matter expertise? Have a case depending on critical data recovery? Having the right experts at your disposal can make or break your case.

Practice Management Tools

We know the tools you use! Shring’s in-depth operational experience with most major practice management tools used today is robust. We can help you use your case management tools the most efficient way possible.

Workflow Process Improvement

Workflow Process Improvement for Law Firms The judicial services environment has a unique workflow, unlike most corporate environments. We have in-depth experience supporting this type of environment.

Data Security & Compliance

Data Security for Attorneys and Law Firms Legal service firms have their own unique security requirements above and beyond the normal external threats presented to us all.

Unified Threat Management

There are many potential threats to you personally, your organization, and its mission-critical data. It’s become easy to be numb to the constant barrage of threats focused on us and our businesses. We can help!

Looking for a trusted technology partner who is focused on your business growth as much as you are?

That's Shring! Focused on helping you make the right critical business decisions related to using the right technology foundation to build your business.