Unique Technology Support Solutions for Attorneys and Law Firms


Shring can simplify your firm’s operations with single-point-of-accountability, practice management expertise, rapid-response coverage around the clock, flexible solutions to suit your firm’s needs.

"law office"We bring years of experience in legal services with a focus on technology integration in law firms. Our team is intimately familiar with the unique operations of attorneys and law firms. Interacting with the judicial systems requires proactive attention and an emphasis on privacy.

The Shring team not only supports your current case management technology … we also bring years of experience in utilizing technology to solve a firm issue. A substantial amount of the Shring customer base attornies and firms in the southeast. We have an established reputation for bringing reliable and resilient technology to legal services organizations. Let us show you a new level of technology support in your firm.

Shring can offer you a Support Solution offering you flexibility to use only  services you need at the moment compared to paying for services you may not use.

Key reasons why Shring brings value to your firm!

Instant Response Times

Immediate attention to virtually any technology request. Whether it’s dealing with a tech problem or providing subject-matter expertise to support a specific case .. the Shring team will always be immediately responsive to your needs.

No Generic Helpdesk

We dedicate teams to customers allowing us to really understand your firm’s operations and needs. You are always working with the same folks allowing to build a real on-going relationship.

Experienced in e-Discovery & Data Forensics

We have a team of dedicated data forensics and e-discovery experts. Whether it’s recovering data from a hard drive to gaining recovery access to mobile devices … we vcan help. Our team of forensics experts ensure that no digital evidence is overlooked and assist at any stage of an investigation or litigation, regardless of the number or location of data sources.

Expertise In Judicial Procedures

We work with law firms in the various different areas of law including corporate law, real estate law, commercial law, immigration and personal injury. We understand the operations difference in the different areas of judicial operations.

Proactive Management

All of our solutions include proactive management of your technology infrastructure such as threat prevention, business continuity & data backup. Each of these solutions actively monitored by … get this … a human. While we obviously rely on automation, there is always a dedicated team watching out for your firm.

Practice Management Technology Experts

We have “hand-ons” experience with most of the standard practice management and case management tools. We can help you utilize these platforms to their abilities and streamlining your firms operations.


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