Technology Solutions unique to Financial Services Organizations

For more than ten years, Shring has provided technology and professional services to financial clients.  We have in-depth experience, understand the issues, and we have a business group focused on financial services firms, and trading floor management and operations. Data security and privacy are at the forefront of everything we do!

We also provide advisory services on business technology strategy and implementing solutions for day-to-day operations, for single & multiple locations, and regional/national operations.

We have helped clients be successful with their fiduciary responsibilities including compliance, staff tech support, access control/restrictions to data, integration of dissimilar systems.

Do you have strong data security threat management practices and procedures? Do you have strong processes in place that support your technology so that you keep your paying customers and clients happy? Have you vetted your cloud vendors?

Financial Platforms
We Work With Every Day

Business continuity and disaster recovery must be a priority to your organization? Do you need assistance to sort out what decisions to make so that you properly leverage technology for your business, in the now and long-term vision?

Shring leadership has a long history in the financial services industry including work for well-known Wall Street companies. We are able to incorporate many lessons learned from our clients over the past twenty years, to help them with their unique needs in satisfying their clients and complying with government laws and regulations.

Solutions for Financial Services

IT Support Services

Experience our version of Proactive Customer Service! Give your organization the technology foundation to scale your business. Shring can simplify your life with single-point-of-accountability support, rapid-response coverage around the clock.

Unified Threat Management

There are many potential threats to you personally, your organization, and its mission-critical data. It’s become easy to be numb to the constant barrage of threats focused on us and our businesses. We can help!

On-Demand IT Support

Looking for help with a particular problem or project? Need to augment your existing team? We’ve got you covered! Need some help to augment your existing staff? We routinely work with customers on project-based implementations.

Data Security for Financial Services

Data Security for Financial Services Organizations Financial services firms have their own unique security and compliance requirements above and beyond the normal external threats presented to us all.

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