Refer a new customer, help a friend … how awesome is that?

When clients like you tell us we’re doing a great job managing their IT, it makes our day! We truly enjoy serving our clients and helping them get what they want — technology that, simply put, works. Perhaps you have a business colleague that could benefit from our services. Why not do them (and us) a favor and refer them to Shring Technologies? A friend expressed frustration with a particular technology issue? Who do you know … whose organization might match these scenarios:

Is tired of their slow or unresponsive IT vendor?
Has outgrown the capabilities of their current “IT guy”?
Is concerned about the security of their or their client’s data?
Is fed up with IT downtime?
Is considering a move to the cloud?
Is concerned with compliance issues?
Wants to implement newer technologies?
Would like an honest assessment of their IT network?

Help a friend and enjoy a reward

Fill out the form below. We will call to schedule a consultation with your referral. Should your referral become a Shring Customer for any of our services, you have two options:

Receive a referral fee of $100 to use as you wish


Receive a $250 donation in your name

to the charity of your choice*

“Charity must be recognized by one of the following Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, or GuideStar.

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