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Shring News

"pdf threat"

CryptoWall Infection via PDFs

A newly detected drive-by attack encrypts files and documents then demands payment to decrypt data. PDF-based malware being found embedded in legit PDF files. Meaning they have been modified after...
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"google docs scam"

Alert – Google Docs Phishing Scam

Heads Up! Google Docs Phishing Scam Making It's Way Around We are seeing a large amount of malicious Google Docs emails being recieved.This is not coming from Google but others...
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"firefox scam"

This is NOT a legit Firefox Update!

No ... this is not a legit FireFox update! Recently we have run into quit a few customers who use Mozilla Fiefox as their primary browser. While definitely not new...
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Alert – Fake RingCentral Emails

We are sending out this quick alert to our customers who use RingCentral as their voice platform. Malicious emails are being sent to RingCentral customers that are formatted to look...
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