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Voice & Telephony
We can provide you a custom-tailored telephony system to meet the changing dynamics of your business.

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ShringVoice Hosted Business PBX

  • On-Demand Call Routing
  • Integrated Voicemail
  • Integrated Fax

The days of traditional, hard-wired business telephone systems are no more. Your business needs to be flexible and accessible to your customers from anywhere. The abundance of technologies and integrations can be a little intimidating, especially if you are upgrading from an old PBX system.

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IT Operations

The Styles settings allows for customizing the stylistic elements of the template, such as links, font or background colors.

Cloud Services

Particles operate as customizable blocks that form the flesh of the frontend, from placeholders to self contained content and functions.

Data Security

The Layout manager provides drag-and-drop functionality with power to move, resize, and configure content in seconds.


Reap the rewards of visualization technologies for both consolidation and redundancy.

Shring IT Support Services

From dedicating engineers to clients and charging no trips fees ... Shring Support Services give you the piece of mind that your team will receive responsive and proactive attention to the critical technology components of your business.

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Today's technology landscape is constantly changing. Stay up to date with the technology news affecting your business ... including the latest threats, key tech subjects you need to know about

Business Continuity - What You Should Know

What are the critical IT components of your business infrastructure? What systems must be up? What happens when your internet connection or phones go down? Do you know? .



Eliminate data loss completely..


Small Business Tech News

Today's technology landscape is constantly changing. Stay update to date with the technology news affecting your business ...
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ShringCloud - Your Private Secure Dropbox

  • Private Cloud Storage
  • Shared Storage
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Kevin Sharefield

"Shring continues to provide my organization with the knowledge and expertise to everyday technology issues all while retaining a focus on compliance and data security. I sleep at night knowing that I can focus on my business not the tech behind it."

-Kevin Sharefield