• Resilient, Reliable & Secure!

    Our Mission ... just 3 words ...
    Dedicated to providing your business a technology foundation & partner you can count on.
  • Have a tired phone system? Let Us Help!

    No more buying expensive hardware or long-term commitments. Our ShringVoice business phone platform is your key to a flexible business telephone system.
  • Preparing ... for the worst case scenario

    There are many scenarios which can prevent your business from being resilient.
    Could it be that your biggest threat is internal? Are your vendors protecting your valuable data?
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Intervention

    When is the last time you tested your backups? Never? That's what we thought.
    Do you perform atleast annual disaster intervention tests? Why Not?
  • Unified Threat Prevention

    Your business data is the target of digital threats coming from all directions.
    Are you confident your business is secure? Time for a wholistic approach to threat prevention.
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Shring Technologies is dedicated to providing reliable, secure technology solutions specifically accommodating your growing business needs. We are a team of technology professionals with the vision and expertise positioned to offer enterprise solutions scalable to your unique business requirements.

Today's Tech News

MetroPCS website gave hackers easy access to 10 million subscribers’ data ow.ly/VaCEO

Monday, 30 November 2015

MetroPCS website gave hackers easy access to 10 million subscribers’ data ow.ly/VaCEO

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Role of Deliberate Obfuscation for Overall Data Security and Privacy ow.ly/VaCD9

Monday, 30 November 2015

The Role of Deliberate Obfuscation for Overall Data Security and Privacy ow.ly/VaCD9

Monday, 30 November 2015

  • Partner News - Grandstream
  • Partner News - SIPTRUNK

Grandstream & Shring ... the perfect partnership

We are excited about our new partnership with Grandstream. With their award-winning voice & mobility solutions, its a natural relationship which brings many new features & offerings to our ShringVoice product line. We are such believers in the Grandstream product line, they are now the default handset offering for all ShringVoice telephony services.

Read More About Grandstream


SIPTRUNK, Inc named the core ShringVoice SIP trunk partner

SIPTRUNK offers key communications technology which is fully redundant, customizable and best of all fits the Reliable, Resilient % Secure model we live by.

Read MoreAbout SIPTRUNK, Inc

Support Services

Managed Services

  • Threat Detection & Prevention Open or Close

    The premise that your business is not a target ... no longer exists. Your business is the target of digital threats everyday. Whether coming from outside your business or worse ... inside. It's time for a wholistic approach to threat detection and prevention.

    Read More
  • Web Development Open or Close

    Shring Technologies provides web development and e-business solutions for emerging businesses. We have received accolades for achieving a critical balance between dynamic interactive designs and powerful scalable programming solutions.

    Shring Technologies designs professional websites that effectively promote our customers products and/or services to their target audience. We develop a custom website that will enhance your overall corporate image. Any aspect of your site can be updated monthly, weekly, or even daily in order to have current information for your readers. This information can be accessed with a click of a button from around the entire globe, 24 hours a day. Statistics show that there are over 300 million people on the Internet today. Those numbers speak for themselves.

    Examples of our work

    eagleag thumb ripaladrang goracon
    carrollmedia dlb-legal georgiatwine thumb 


    Additional services include:

      • Search Engine Optimization
      • eCommerce and Merchant Transaction Capabilities
      • Order Processing and Secure Online Transactions
      • Interactivity
      • Internet Marketing

    Shring provides e-business solutions for clients relying on our expertise in strategic digital communications and proprietary client-server technologies. We craft brand development strategies, interactive design and architectures in tandem with seamlessly integrating database programming to a spectrum of industries.

    We offer incredible technologies built specifically for your business model and target demographic. We can incorporate information into your site which will aid in streamlining your business operations and allows 24x7x365 service to your customers and mobile users.


  • Business Continuity Open or Close
    Business Continuity Planning
    Are you prepared for the “Worst-Case Scenario”?

    Business Continuity and Data Security are very important for many organizations, but they can become critical, especially in the “worse-case scenario”! A catastrophic event, whether caused by nature, equipment failure, service provider failure or the act of theft, can lead to devastating financial consequences. The combination of property and/or loss of data and business interruption can have an especially dire impact on the liquidity of emerging businesses. A well-conceived plan will take into consideration all potential vulnerabilities and appropriate solutions to mitigate risks and can make a difference between never recovering from a major loss versus continuing daily operations with minimal disruption. It also reduces an organization's financial risk and vulnerability while providing a rock-solid foundation to best address both insurance and fiduciary requirements.

    Asking and … more importantly … Answering the following questions helps emerging business leaders identify risks and better define solutions to current and future business continuity considerations …

    1. How long can your technology infrastructure be unavailable without significantly impacting operations or revenue?
    2. Can you identify the key components of your infrastructure that must be accessible for continued business operations?
    3. Have you defined the financial impact downtime of your critical technology platforms such as email, CRM or financial platforms will have? What if your customer data was unavailable?
    4. What are the timeframes in which key systems must be accessible in the event of a significant business disruption? Have you prioritized your technology availability?
    5. Can you measure your confidence level in the existing backup infrastructure and the reliability during a restoration? How long does it take to complete a restoration of a key system?
    6. Are you required to comply with any fiduciary requirements? If so, are you compliant?
    7. Have you determined reliability aspects and service availability commitments for your technology or communications service providers?
    8. Have you completed a Risk and Vulnerability assessment to identify and mitigate any risks that may affect your business operations and revenue?
    9. Do you have a “Tried and True” Business Continuity plan in place?

    These questions, more specifically the answers, are meant to give you a real perspective to the complexities of technology infrastructure requirements and the importance of ensuring your organization has the confidence that your technology infrastructure is … not only … reliable, resilient and secure, but also provides a foundation for continued business growth with minimal operational impact.

    Many organizations have acknowledged the need to identify, assess, and implement, where appropriate, current Business Continuity Planning “Best-Practices” to ensure the resiliency and reliability of their current technology infrastructure and Shring has assisted these organizations, evaluate and implement said practices.

    With experience in designing high-availability enterprise solutions that requiring zero down-time, Shring’s methodologies for Business Continuity assists our customers in taking a realistic and staged approach to Business Continuity Planning. Shring utilizes these same methodologies in our own Hosting Center which houses not only the myShringTM infrastructure, but also houses many organizations critical platforms so we “practice what we preach.” While many emerging businesses may not require zero down-time, having a sound Business Continuity Plan in place, will ensure they are prepared for scenarios potentially having a lasting impact on their business.

    Shring’s foundation is comprised of these key aspects:

    • Identify requirements for continued business operations.
    • Identify risks and potential vulnerabilities that may affect normal business operations.
    • Define realistic, cost-effective solutions to mitigate risks associated with business interruptions.
    • Assist in the implementation of both technologies and IT operational processes as dictated by today’s “Best-Practices” standards ensuring the mitigation of any risks or vulnerabilities.

    Shring’s Business Continuity methodologies are broken down into three general scopes, each of which are critical to identifying, assessing and implementing a resilient and effective Business Continuity Plan.

    • Risk and Vulnerability Assessment – Designed to indentify significant risks and vulnerabilities associated with operational interruptions and business impact due to extenuating circumstances including theft, natural occurrences and the like.
    • Risk Mitigation and BCP Design/Development – Utilizing the valuable information gathered during the Risk and Vulnerability Assessment drives uncovering the research and analysis data needed to define cost-effective solutions to vulnerabilities identified in the previous phase. The objective here is prioritizing issues affecting availability and potential business operations. Where appropriate, alternative solutions will be presented based on factors such as support requirements and financial implications.
    • Implementation and Testing – And now for the fun part … The implementation and testing of both technologies and/or technology processes required to address those issues identified at the beginning of the assessment and to ensure they are not only in place, but also strategically effective.

    While the technology aspects of resiliency and reliability are key, business process implications, in conjunction, can provide a complete and reliable Business Continuity and Compliance Plan. Having such a plan enables emerging organizations to focus on growth as well as to provide a scalable and confident foundation to grow your business on.

    Business Continuity Planning (BCP) - Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

    Shring’s Business Continuity Planning - Risk and Vulnerability Assessment helps organizations like yours identify and evaluate operational risks with an emphasis on not just your physical, but also your logical technology infrastructure. Our assessment includes a review of your facility, current business and technology disciplines in use, and the resiliency of the logical and physical components of your technology infrastructure. This assessment will provide a greater understanding of the exposures that pose the greatest risks to the interruption of your business and will be extremely instrumental in architecting the appropriate Business Continuity Plan.

    Shring’s assessments are tailored toward successfully capturing customer-centric information specific to your organization’s business model and needs. The following are targeted areas of focus:

    1. Logical - Review of business and IT disciplines that are used to manage your business.
      Operational - Review of your current key business roles and operations based on workflow, impact and process management.
    2. Physical - Review of digital, electrical, mechanical, and other structural elements of your technology infrastructure and the security aspects of each.
    3. Security - Review the logical security of your data and information, as well as the physical security of your infrastructure.

    Our assessment includes a comprehensive review focused on the technology components of your organizations infrastructure, identifying the threats that could negatively impact business continuity and information availability. This deliverable is a tool for use during analysis to assist in prioritization in order to present a business case to substantiate risk mitigation techniques and safeguards. Depending on the level of analysis desired, recommendations and cost-benefit analyses will be included to assist in making educated risk mitigation decisions.

    Issues Addressed

    Identify risks that could impact continuity of business operations, brand image or reputation, and the probability of occurrence/reoccurrence.

    • Establish “Go-Forward” plans to mitigate risk.
    • Perform a detailed threat analysis and/or establish ongoing plans to mitigate risk.
    • Determine how new business initiatives or new technology will impact your enterprise.
    • Review Homeland Security exposures.
    • Determine Return-on-Investment safeguards.
    • Identify regulatory compliance exposures such as HIPAA and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley).


    Shring can assist you in identifying and safeguarding business technology components that may be risk factors for your organization, establish objective values, assess potential vulnerabilities and impacts, and we will propose industry “Best-Practices”, and safeguard and mitigation tactics on your organization’s behalf.

    Shring’s Business Continuity Team can assist your organization in:

    • Prioritizing and setting risk thresholds for critical business processes and resources
    • Evaluating risk management tactics and cost associated with multiple levels of protection.
    • Broadening the focus from mitigating risk to proactively preventing failures.
    • Demonstrating due diligence in risk management.
    • Establishing audit readiness policies for regulatory and industry analysis.
    • Making informed decisions on how to best protect your core infrastructure.

    In summary, Shring’s Business Continuity, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment will help any organization gain a better understanding of exposures related to physical and logical technology components that can cause a business interruption or degradation in service, including not only the identification of vulnerabilities, but also self-induced threats. Our assessment helps prioritize and set standardized risk thresholds for critical business processes and resources, in tandem with helping evaluate risk management tactics and costs associated with multiple levels of protection. This enables an organization to broaden the focus from mitigating risks to proactively preventing loss of business or information assets. With Shring’s assistance, your organization will be assured you are not only protected, but that your protection plans and policies genuinely work!

    Why Shring ?

    Shring is an emerging business-oriented Technical Solutions Provider. Our organization is dedicated to providing premium technology expertise specifically focused toward accommodating an emerging business’ needs. We are a team of technology professionals with the vision and expertise positioned to offer enterprise solutions scalable to unique business requirements. Our team includes many industry subject-matter experts with Fortune 500 backgrounds and collectively Shring’s management encompasses over 50 years of business technology expertise centered on high-availability platforms and technology design and development.

    Infrastructure Management and Business Continuity are Shring’s core competencies. We are committed to providing organizations with the knowledge and tools to build a highly-resilient technology infrastructure that will currently support and continue to support their business growth model. One of our greatest benefits is the no-nonsense simplicity we bring to the table. We are dedicated to delivering only stellar customer service with our top-notch team of seasoned professionals - your complete satisfaction is our only objective!

    We’re here to help!

  • Compliance Open or Close

    Oh NO … not the “C word”!       

    Unfortunately that’s the perception of Data Compliance. Truth be known, most business leaders are not very comfortable with their understanding of these requirements and especially with how to manage this data in a realistic and efficient manner. Due to the increase in “identity-related thefts” businesses are now having to seriously focus on data security and archival. 

    In reality, data management is not that complex if you understand the tools and concepts used to manage data stores. Kreative’s team has 20 years of Data Compliance experience in the Fortune 100 Financial arenas. We can bring this expertise to you and assist you in identifying, safeguarding and strategically planning a Data Compliance Action Plan.

    What is HIPAA?

    "HIPAA" is an acronym for the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996. Also known as the Kennedy-Kassebaum Act, called upon the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to publish new rules pertaining to the standardization of electronic health, administrative and financial data and to provide unique health identifiers for individuals, employers, health plans and health care providers other than their Social Security Numbers. HIPAA also defines, security standards protecting the confidentiality and integrity of "individually identifiable information," past, present or future.

    What is the Sarbanes Oxley Act?

    The Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX) is a very important law affecting corporate governance, financial disclosures, and public accounting passed in response to the collapse of several significant organizations. Administered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, SOX publishes rules on requirements and defines which records are to be stored and for how long, stating that all business records, including electronic records and electronic messages, must be saved for not less than five years. Failure to comply with SOX becuase you are unable to provide requested information can result in significant consequences

    Who is affected?

    Virtually any organization that stores any "individually identifiable health or financial information" including all healthcare and benefits records, individual financial information including self-ensured employers – as well as information systems vendors, various service organizations, and institutions.

    Shring can assist you with:

      • Assessment of Current Governance
      • Implementation of  a Comprehensive Governance
      • Program Addressing Fiduciary Compliance Requirements
      • Consultancy Services

Orion Secure Data

  • 10 Reasons Why You Need OrionSecureData Open or Close

    Top 10 Reasons You Need OrionSecureData

    You do not have a consistent strategy for backing up Desktops, Laptops, and Windows servers.
    Not backing up your computer systems opens the door to liabilities and huge losses in revenue and reputation.

    You want a reliable offsite backup solution that works.
    OrionSecureData combines market leadership in storage solutions with award-winning software so you enjoy worry-free backup.

    You don’t have months or years to roll out a backup solution.
    Easier and faster than an in-house deployment, OrionSecureData may be deployed to thousands of users in less than two weeks.

    You aren’t willing to compromise security for convenience or compliance requirements.
    Remote Data Backup utlizes encryption key with 448-bit Blowfish technologyand 256-bit AES encryption during storage. An SSL connection protects your data during transfer.

    You want a "set-and-forget" backup solution that you don’t have to constantly monitor.
    You can schedule your backups to run daily, weekly, or monthly, or as frequently as every two hours for near continuous backup.

    Your staff and budget are already overextended.
    Stop wasting time and money with external hard drives, stacks of CDs, and traditional tape backup systems. OrionSecureData frees up your valuable in-house resources for productive use in core revenue-generating activities.

    You don’t want to pay for software you aren’t using. OrionSecureData is flexible.
    You determine how many licenses and how much storage you need and that’s what you pay for.

    You want a full backup solution without the onsite integration and maintenance hassles.
    OrionSecureData requires no integration with your existing infrastructure. Just download and install the application, then select the files you want to back up.

    You’re tired of the headaches associated with backing up remote locations and mobile users.
    The OrionSecureData backup software allows for central and remote office backup from one easy-to-manage console.

    You want control costs spent on backup and prefer a simple payment plan.
    OrionSecureData requires no capital expenditure for hardware, very little upfront cost, and minimal administrative overhead to maintain. All you pay is one simple monthly subscription payment.

Hosting Services

  • Website Hosting Open or Close

    In this day and age, your organization’s web presence has become a critical component of your overall business strategy. Whether it’s a customer-facing static site or it’s a more dynamic web application, SHring has the infrastructure to offer both Microsoft and Linux web servers and databases custom-tailored to your company’s specific needs. SHring will get and keep you in the forefront of web technology and its ever-changing growth and speed. Additionally SHring provides our web development staff whose sole focus is on your “vision”, ensuring your final objective is accomplished.

  • Hosting & CoLocation Open or Close

    Have your own equipment but need it out of your office and residing in a fault-tolerant facility to ensure availability? Eliminate the concern of housing your key business technology in your office. Many organizations have found having a UPS is not the complete solution for critical equipment. No longer would factors beyond your control have the ability to impact the operation of your business.

    The Shring Data Center


    Our Core Datacenter Network Specifications

    • Fully meshed redundancies with multiple BGP peers
    • 10 gigabit capacity on multiple peers
    • Full mesh BGP/OSPF network topology
    • 4 core routers
    • 10Gbps redundant uplinks to providers and across network distribution
    • Fiber run access to nearby facilities and carriers
    • Cisco 720-3BXL core switched redundant networks
    • Foundry JetCore customer distribution networks
    • 24/7/365 network monitoring tools available
    • Network engineers on site for consultation
    • Scalable bandwidth options
    • Gigabit distribution network


    • Proactive Intrusion Detection & Prevention
    • On-site Team Monitoring 24/7/365
    • Building security for filtered access
    • Biomentric/Keycard access to all floors of the building
    • Individually Locked Cabinets with Digital Access Control
    • Real-time Closed Circuit Video Monitoring

    Power Management

    • Professionally maintained power infrastructure to keep your business online
    • Multiple service feeds from major Metro Atlanta power grids
    • 100+ KvA UPS capacity availability
    • Generated power in case of grid failure
    • A+B Power redundancy options
    • 120v/208v clean power
    • Surge protection and voltage regulation
    • Regular preventative maintenance




  • Dedicated Server Hosting Open or Close

    Virtual Server Hosting offers you the flexibility of dedicated servers without the financial expenditures of dedicated hosting. All hardware supporting our virtual hosting environment is fully redundant and provides you the same reliability and availability as dedicated hardware. This  allows you to minimize the operational support costs for your environment, but doesn’t require the robust hardware to support large production platforms.

    Dedicated Hosting Services & Co-Location

    Looking for a low-cost, redundant environment for your critical systems with a support team that can meet your needs with great customer service? Many emerging businesses find it impractical to provide the core infrastructure needed to host mission-critical platforms. Shringhas built the Shring Datacenter for customers that do not want to incur the financial costs or support requirements for such an environment. In addition, many organizations find it difficult to deal with the bigger datacenters who are not flexible or able to respond in the timeframes needed for fast business growth. With Shring Hosting you are able to get managed firewall, monitoring, backups and services at a reasonable cost and still receive great technical help and customer service.

    Shring has many options that can meet your needs, from a leased single server to multiple racks with the infrastructure that fits your needs. We can help design and implement your environment or assist your IT team in the implementation of the systems. We offer our technicians to help in the purchase and setup of your environment, plus provide the ongoing maintenance that your 24x7 environment needs. Shringis the one stop shop for your datacenter needs.

    Shring offers our customers the flexibility of using their own server equipment while taking advantage of our Dedicated Server offerings. Purchasing and maintaining the quality infrastructure needed for business-critical operations is not only expensive but requires constant monitoring and therefore demands a dedicated staff for operation. Shring can provide a solution and configuration specific to your needs, in turn allowing you to maximize financial expenditure. Our inventory of enterprise-class server and networking hardware will provide you a complete, fault-tolerant solution. Shringoffers a full range of Dedicated Hosting solutions. From entry-level unmanaged servers to high-performance load-balanced and managed clusters ...

    Shring has you covered!

    Please contact our Hosting Team for complete details and solutions designed to meet your specific needs.
  • myShring Mobile Mail Open or Close
    myShring Mobile Mail 

    Secure email ... anywhere!

    myKreative Mobile Mail - Secure Email AnywhereShring offers a Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email solution when email is mission-critical to your business. Housing your own email requires equipment, licenses and technical expertise which adds substantial overhead onto day-to-day operations. Shring offers you the benefits and peace of mind of having a secure, redundant datacenter while also providing you a team of Microsoft Exchange experts to monitor and maintain your server, requiring no attention on your part. Our myShring Mobile Mail solution allows your organization to take full advantage of the integration and collaboration tools within the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office applications, while providing secure access to your email from virtually anywhere.

    So what makes myShring Mobile Mail so much better than other hosted mail offerings? Simple ... Shring can provide a much more flexible mail foundation for your business while substantially decreasing the financial implications usually associated with hosting your own mail servers.

    Our Features

    Why should I host my email with Shring?

    myKreative Mobile Mail - Hosted Email For YouThe financial implications of maintaining Microsoft Exchange ‘in-house’ can prevent many organizations from taking advantage of the key tools and communications opportunities that MS Exchange offers. Beginning expense costs can exceed $10,000 for software licensing, hardware, plus resources required to maintain the infrastructure, not to mention the business continuity aspects. These are the primary drivers for organizations to take advantage of the myShringTM Hosted Mobile Mail service. myShring Mail allows businesses to enjoy the same enterprise-strength IT that Fortune 500 companies have, but at a price that’s certainly more realistic and, in most cases, addressed compliance, storage and business continuity issues.

    Click Here To Get Started


  • Virtualization Open or Close
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