PHISHING? What the?

PHISHING? What the?

What’s this all about and why should I be worried about it?

Phishing has become the current choice of attacks that hackers use to gain entry to restricted networks. Most common today is fake emails with malicious links in them that, when clicked, execute some form of malware on your device whether it be Windows Desktop, Mac or Mobile Devices.

If you’ve follow @shringtech for any length of time, you know this is a major problem for businesses. While you may be diligent enough to stay of aware .. how about your employees? Do you have any training or awareness methodology to educate your employees on what to watch for and how to identify phishing content? If not, we should be talking!

This is a serious threat to your business operations and ensuring that your workforce is properly educated on how to prevent becoming a victim.

F5 Networks has a great 4-part series about phishing, that we highly encourage you to take the time to review.

Phishing For Information, Part 1: How Phishers Bait Their Hooks With Information You Volunteer
Phishing For Information, Part 2: How Attackers Collect Data About Your Employees
Phishing For Information, Part 3: How Attackers Gather Data About Your Organization
Phishing For Information, Part 4: Beware Of Data Leaking Out Of Your Equipment

Take a few minutes and review these links. If anything, it “should” generate more questions about how to educate your workforce and protect your business.

Need help, clarification or just plain out need help educating your workforce? The Shring Team is here for you!