We know the difference between EHR and EMR platforms.

Does your current IT partner?

Shring not only understands the difference, we have practical experience in, not only implementing then but also integration between dissimilar platforms.


The reliability of patient data is critical. Possibly even more important protecting and securing your patient data is required. This is often the weak link in securiingpatient data. Implementing these platforms or integrating dissimilar platforms requires expertise to ensuring the moving of data in/out ..is secure.

We have built a HIPAA compliant methodology that covers all aspects of data security. While yes .. the goal is to protect your patient data but its also protecting your business. Protecting your infrastructure is not only focused on web-based threats but also looking at all aspects of data access and utilizing standard best-practices workflows evaluating who needs access to what data.

Shring takes a holistic approach to compliance fulfillment and actual threat management. As shown below, we utilize, not only tech but also people and process to secure your business.