Alert – Comcast/Xfinity Phishing Email Scam

Heads Up!

We are seeing a scary email attempting to pass through our ShringMail platform that is malicious and we wanted you to be aware of it as it is passing its way through the “interwebs”. It is being sent to both existing customers and others who are not even Comcast customers.

The email looks like this (more below image):

comcast scam1

Looks legit right? However if you place your mouse over the link (DO NOT CLICK ON IT) you will see the actual URL you would be taken to. Obviously this is NOT a valid Comcast or Xfinity email address as shown below:

comcast scam2

Do not click on ANY links in the email. Delete it! Yes this is serious so an extreme awareness of this situation is critical.

If you have been caught by this scam and have not taken action to remediate this issue, please do not hesitate to contact the Shring Team as would be happy to assist in helping address the issue before major damage is done.

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