Offering you scalable, cost-effective telephony solutions which integrate with any platform giving you full feature/functionality anywhere.

The days of traditional, hard-wired business telephone systems are no more. Your business needs to be flexible and accessible to your customers from anywhere. The abundance of technologies and integrations can be a little intimidating, especially if you are upgrading from an old PBX system.

“Voice over IP” or “VoIP” has given many businesses the capacity and telecommunications tools previously available only with expensive and complex telephony systems. The “mobile worker” concept allows for redirection of communications based on location. This flexibility ensures that your customer experience never changes. In addition, this form of communication technology provides for a significantly cost-effective business telephony platform. This is also due to the fact, that most of these platforms utilize standard hardware and utilize existing data cabling.

Unfortunately, the big telecommunications providers are still behind the curve in regard to support due to aging infrastructure lacking the capacity to fully support this technology. This requires some organizations to stay committed to big telecom, paying exorbitant costs for their multiple communications technologies. However, there are many good solutions to this problem both cost-effective and reliable. Knowing how to approach this new technology and where to focus your investment allows your organization to reap the “Heralds of VoIP”, and ensures you do not end up a casualty of the “Telephony War”

We provide expertise in:

•    Off-Site Hosted Systems

•    Onsite VoIP/SIP Business Systems

•    Unified Telephony / Messaging

•    Multi-Location Installations / Integration

•    Remote / Mobile Workforce

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Our promise is not to “sell” you a solution or technology. Until we understand what your business needs are, we would even consider suggesting a solution. Each business has unique needs based on how they serve their customers. This … will drive the right solution.