Shring and Sophos Partner

Shring and Sophos Partner

Shring is excited to announce a partnership with Sophos to provide organizations with complete Unified Threat Protection (UTM) solutions.

Sophos is a global leader in data security and threat prevention. The Sophos platforms allows you to secure every end point of your business infrastructure, from laptops and tablets to virtual and non-virtual desktops and servers, to web and email traffic and mobile devices. What’s more, securing these end-points is made possible through products that fit your precise needs. The Sophos integrated platform ensures your network’s security by providing the one thing no one else can provide and that is simplicity.

Shring Technologies  has a proven business model centered around end-to-end  threat detection and prevention for  small and medium-sizes business.  For years, its data security solution has focused on ensuring that business leaders make the correct decision for their business, based on economics, dependability, and confidence in knowing that our solution is unique to their needs.

Threat Detection and Prevention has become a very complex and ever-changing aspect that business leaders must be focused on,” says Ron Green, Managing Partner at Shring.  “For years,” according to Ron, “Shring’s customer offerings have utilized dissimilar technologies which have been integrated by the Shring team.  In short, we have provided excellent Unified Threat Protection. “

Ron Green continues, “Last year we decided that we needed to expand our sophistication in our approach to managing data security and threat prevention for our current and future customers.  Whether it is mobile, malware, email security and so on, our commitment to our customers requires constant management, monitoring, and ability to scale.  So, I am very excited to announce a partner that is on the cutting edge of threat detection and prevention AND can look at all aspects of security for our customers.”

The Shring team is truly excited about adding Sophos to our suite of services and bringing enterprise-class, next-level  security to our customers.  Whether it is data security, mobility or internal threat prevention, we have your business covered.

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